Nature wants our horses to fall in love with movement.
Modern pain science can light the path.

Pain Science + Performance Workshop

Registration for the online course is now open!

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10+ Hours of Video Content

Self-paced learning on modern movement, motivation, and pain science will kickstart your journey to re-awaken movement joy and purpose. 

Maps + Gauges Workbooks

Assess your horse’s movement possibilities from the brain’s point of view, and design a plan to enlarge their movement toolkit starting NOW.

Live Group Calls / Activities

You’ll have plenty of chances to ask questions, interact with your workshop guide, and share ideas with other participants.

Free video series:

Watch the three intro videos (in order) and find out WHY and HOW the revolution in pain science can change our lives now.

(Be sure to watch soon; these intro videos are part of the Workshop, and will no longer be available publicly in the future)

Video 1

Why pain science?

Video 2

What IS performance?

Video 3

What to do NOW

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Your horse will love it.

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Who is this for?

Anyone who wants to help horses fall in love with movement again.

You do NOT need to have a horse for this workshop!

This is about building your skills in observing, assessing, and designing movement activities, with the nervous system in mind.

Who is this NOT for?

The best way to know if this is for you is to watch the three Pain Science videos here before deciding whether to enroll. 

If you are keeping a horse full-time in a stall (anything more than 10 hours each day), this workshop is not for you. We do not believe it’s possible to restore movement without movement diversity. (This workshop IS good for horses on temporary medical stall-rest.)

This workshop is NOT a method of horse training. While the pain science education is appropriate for any level — beginners to experts — this is NOT meant to teach other aspects of horsemanship, and we assume you will make decisions appropriate for the safety of both you and your horses.

(But you will see a lot of examples)

IMPORTANT: this workshop is NOT medical advice, and is NOT about dealing with pain from an acute injury (past 3 to 6 months)! Any horse currently in care for a physical condition should participate ONLY with approval from your veterinarian.

How much time does it take?

That’s 100% up to you. This workshop is entirely self-directed; there is no deadline or time commitment, and you will have access to the materials forever. 

As an example: with an average of 2 hours per week of “work” including watching videos, filling in the assessment workbooks, etc. it might take 2 or 3 months to go through the course. But...YOU can participate however you choose.

As the course is not yet finished (it's 95% done),I will personally be hosting weekly group Zoom calls for live Q & A. 

As a Beta member, you will automatically be upgraded to any future version of this Workshop.

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Join us now for the not-quite-done beta version price $140

The course is still not completely finished. Because it's still got some rough edges and a few missing pieces, the price of this beta workshop is a little lower than the final version will be. 

Anyone who joins now will automatically get access to any new content added to this course later!

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